Open Letter 公開信


本會 接獲 民主運動倡議者 劉康先生 通知, 中國銀行(香港) 早前發函告悉對方,於十二月二十四日起單方面終止為對方提供服務,信件並無提供任何具體理由。銀行更要求 劉先生 必須回港處理手續,在扣減費用後,餘款才可獲歸還。

鑒於 劉先生 早因其政治見解被香港警方通緝前,已由避風驛及其轉介律師的協助下,向英國政府聲請庇護並等待審批結果。劉先生稱:中國銀行(香港) 無視他若回港將遭受迫害的現實,變相協助中港政權施予報復,沒收其私人財產,此做法無疑是侵犯私有產權及個人權利,破壞香港作為國際金融中心的商譽。

劉先生指出,中銀雖只扣押區區約五十港元,卻嚴重侵犯私人財產,足令香港百年基業毀於一旦。 本會將一貫維護 劉康 先生留英尋求政治庇護的正當權利,並反對任何後續針對在英港人的報復打壓,敦促英國內政部考量上述情況,繼續提供必要之援助。

HKB received a notice from the pro-democracy activist Mr. Honcques Laus that Bank of China (Hong Kong) had sent a letter to inform him that it terminated his account since Dec 24. The letter did not provide reasons. The bank required Mr. Laus to return to Hong Kong for ‘the closure of account(s) and withdrawal the account balance (if any)’.

Since Mr. Laus has been publicly known for being wanted by the Hong Kong police due to his political opinions, he has been applying for asylum and awaiting a decision from the UK government, with the assistance of Haven Assistance and its referral lawyers. Mr. Laus said Bank of China (Hong Kong) ignores the fact that he will be persecuted if he returns to Hong Kong, it rather assisted the regime in Hong Kong to retaliate and confiscate his private property. He also said this is an infringement of private property rights and undermining Hong Kong’s reputation as an international financial centre.

Although seizing just about HKD 50, Mr. Laus said it was a serious violation of private property rights and destroyed Hong Kong's century-old foundation. HKB upholds Mr. Laus’s legitimate rights to seek political asylum in the UK, and oppose any ensuing retaliation and suppression against Hongkongers in Britain. We urge the Home Office to follow up on such a situation and continue to provide him with the necessary assistance.