Open Letter 公開信


本會 回應 英國政府 發佈 支援港人配套措施 的有關決定






除了感謝英國政府的善意及慷慨, 我們亦希望提醒英國切勿忽略和忘記那些仍然未能被有關簽證政策惠及的香港人, 尤其是那些曾經在民主抗爭前線並作出重大犧牲的青少年, 他們或許無伴相依且有迫切需要。 他們若能得到同樣的機會,年輕、精力及潛質定必是英國社會難能可貴的人才資源。


今天所公布的支援配套再次強調了英國國民(海外)簽證政策並不是經濟移民計劃,而是營救香港人脫離威權壓迫統治的救生艇方案。 這樣的支援配套措施能讓香港人有更穩健的基礎去貢獻英國的經濟、社會, 當然 - 更重要的是: 民主自由的價值和制度。」


Response to UK government’s package of support for Hongkongers


“We welcome the UK government’s decision today to set up a support package for BN(O) citizens and their families.


In the past few months, we have been receiving many inquiries every day from Hongkongers coming to the UK, responding to their issues and questions on visa application, housing, employment, education and mental health support.  As a civil society organisation providing community services to Hongkongers, we are pleased to see the government is ready to step in and support us.


While appreciating the generosity of the UK government, we also ask the UK not to neglect Hongkongers who may not be shielded by the BN(O) visa scheme, and genuinely need support. This includes especially children, some arriving in the UK unaccompanied, who were on the frontline of the Hong Kong protests, standing up for freedom and making enormous sacrifices for the pro-democracy movement.  If they can be offered fair opportunities to flourish in the UK, their potential and dynamic energy would be a great resource for the UK society.


Today's national support scheme to welcome Hongkongers reiterates that the BN(O) visa policy is not an economic migration plan, but a lifeboat scheme to rescue Hongkongers from authoritarianism.  Such a package will provide an important launchpad for BN(O) arrivals to further contribute towards the UK's economy, communities and wider society, as well as, of course, a shared vision to strengthen democracy.”


Simon Cheng


Hongkongers in Britain


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