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港僑會 回應 前香港警司 投放 惡意滋擾電郵 一事

由於信件對象為全體人員,本會正從不同個案匯整及蒐集更多證據予英國警政安全單位備案, 以便履行英國政府增撥資源打擊潛在仇恨罪行的安全承諾,作為推出港人支援配套的重要措施之一。

這將會是其中的顯例, 向英國政府及社會展示潛在的「仇恨犯罪」 不限於種族偏見, 更是對特定背景、來歷、 主張、見解的社會團體進行惡意滋擾, 尤其是歷經政治系統性迫害的弱勢團體。由於港人所面對的潛在風險是持續的, 值得當局的重視。

從本次事件可見,部份有香港警政司法機關歷練的外籍人士或許有類似心態甚至鼓勵滋擾行為, 因此本會創辦人特別敦促相關人士了解極權體制的禍害, 以免將壓制人民的律法當成法治之餘,又將滋擾異見人士及團體的行為,當成個人意見的表達。

本會將盡力平衡各種價值取捨,讓有關反制措施合符比例原則,並致力提高國際社會對潛在「仇恨犯罪」 的認知及意識。

Response to the verbal harassment by an ex-Hong Kong police officer

"As the hate mail sent by an ex-Hong Kong senior police officer is targeting all members of Hongkongers in Britain, HKB is accumulating more evidences from more cases to keep reporting to the U.K. security police about the potential risk and hate crime, which the U.K. government had emphasised that will allocate more resources to address that by the Hong Kong U.K. Welcome Programme.

This is a clear example to inform the U.K. that the potential hate crime is not only about racism but also the harassment based on the a prejudice-motivated crime which occurs when a suspected perpetrator targets a victim because of their membership (or perceived membership) of a certain social group with belief.

From this matter we can also see the clearer picture that is probably the usual way of intention from some British and foreign professionals who were or still are in the policing and judiciary system in Hong Kong, that’s the point I raised and urged why so important to understand the nature of “laws” in totalitarianism and how far of democratic countries they are truly from.

We hope our counter-measure on this will be proportionate. We will strive the balance and keep informing the counterparts in the UK and around the world and raising the social awareness about the potential 'hate crime'".

Simon Cheng
Hongkongers in Britain



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