Open Letter 公開信


英國通訊管理局 裁定 中國國際電視台 (CGTN) 報導播送 本人 認罪影片有違公義及私隱原則,違規情節嚴重,將考慮實施制裁。

在我向媒體透露受虐真相後翌日, CGTN 向全球各地播放針對我的強迫「 認罪影片」,對本人造成極大痛苦。

被政權虐待迫使認罪之後,堅忍及勇氣促使我們在傲慢與橫蠻的權力之前屹立不倒, 經歷漫長抗爭路後終見回報, 正義得以伸張。

本人亦歡迎澳洲公營 SBS 電視台暫停轉播 CGTN 的新聞, 敦促對方量及其作為中共極權體制喉舌壓制人權的具體事實,作出適當決定。

本人敦促 CSA 履行承諾:「特別注意 CGTN 是否遵守法規」, 除了技術法規之外, 敦促法國當局將人權及機構性質納入考量。 必要時,將採取行動向法國當局申訴, 追究 CGTN 的法律責任。


Ofcom has upheld Simon Cheng’s complaint against CGTN about unjust or unfair treatment and unwarranted infringement of privacy.

Ofcom considers the breach of rules of the code are serious and intends to consider for the imposition of a statutory sanction.

CGTN caused me a great distress when I had seen my enforced confession on air after a day when I spoke out the truth.

After being tortured and forced to confess, our insistence and bravery to stand up to the abusive power is rewarded, justice is finally served after a long journey.

I also appreciate SBS for their quick and due response in taking the similar concerns of the serious human rights abuses of CGTN - a de-facto mouthpiece of CCP totalitarian regime.

I urge CSA to fulfil its promise: "pay extra attention to whether CGTN complies with laws and regulations." In addition to technical regulations, the French regulators should also take human rights and the nature of the institution into consideration.

Simon Cheng