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英國港僑協會 去信 倫敦 塔村區市長及議會 就 中國駐英國大使館 擴大編制 並 遷至上址 一事 表達嚴正關切和憂慮, 鑒於 中國 被 中共極權體制 所支配, 不但無法保障中國國民的自由權利,日益擴張的「戰狼外交」 更對國際社會的公民構成安全威脅。

塔村素來是倫敦穆斯林(包括維吾爾族)人口最多的地區, 更是許多英國國民(海外)公民及其家屬與尋求政治庇護的港人移居的重要地區之一,保障當地居民的安全應當是地方市長及議會首要職責,本會呼籲有關當局重新考慮甚至撤銷有關方案。

據悉大使館的新址號稱能容納超過六千名人員辦公及生活, 不久前香港政府更撥款超過7.4億英鎊去實施聲稱能夠應用於全球(包括英國)的國家安全法。 本人過去亦曾三度被疑似使館人員跟蹤及滋擾, 且正被香港國安警察通緝。種種跡象表明, 使館或能被用作基地監控政治異見者,民主運動家,英國國民(海外)港人, 及舉凡讓中共不滿的在英人士, 均可能因 大使館 遷址及擴建 而面臨真實而迫切的威脅。

本會 雖然支持 塔村區議會 通過決議 考慮 該地區 附近的部份路段更改為「香港路」 表達自由及多元的英國價值, 但若要達致初衷, 有關當局更應當拒絕為極權體制提供更大空間讓其四處張目,反倒直接撤銷大使館遷址方案,才能徹底根除安全隱患。


英國港僑協會 創辦人

Hongkongers in Britain (HKB) sent a letter to mayor of Tower Hamlets and its Council for raising grave security concerns on new site of the Chinese Embassy over there. We strongly recommend the Council to reconsider and look into withdrawing the redevelopment plan of the new Chinese Embassy in Royal Mint Court, due to serious security concerns to the local residents.

It is imperative to understand that China is a state hijacked by the Communist authoritarian regime. Its track record of gross human rights abuse is solid proof demonstrating that there are clear and genuine dangers not only to Chinese nationals domestically, but also citizens overseas, by exerting their own influence over the UK through ‘wolf-warrior’ style assertive and aggressive diplomacy.

Not only does Tower Hamlets have the biggest Muslim (including Uyghurs) community amongst all other boroughs, it is also a popular destination for millions of eligible Hong Kong BN(O) citizens and their dependents, with many young asylum seekers and refugees, to settle. Both Uyghurs and Hongkongers living here express grave concern regarding our own safety, an issue which the Tower Hamlets Council should safeguard the most.

We understand that the development site of the new Chinese Embassy will be capable of accommodating in excess of 6,000 employees. There is strong belief that the site will be operated by the Chinese Communist Party as a base for surveillance over exiled pro-democracy activists in the UK. The Hong Kong SAR government alone has allocated a budget of over £740 million to execute the National Security Law (NSL), which they claim also applies in the UK and worldwide.

Such backdrop could make the threat much more imminent, as I am one of the exiled Hong Kong activists who have been granted asylum, and subsequently placed on the wanted list of Hong Kong National Security Police. I received threatening messages and was tailed by suspected Chinese embassy assigned agents in central London at least three times (reported by The Times and The Daily Telegraph). My case may not be a one-off.

We hereby extend our gratitude to Tower Hamlets Councillors for approving the motion initiated by Councillor Rabina Khan “to consider naming roads and buildings in the surrounding area of the site Tiananmen Square, Uyghur Court, Hong Kong Road and Tibet Hill, to assert support for the freedom and diversity”. However, a sound denial to provide the CCP regime a far bigger foothold in London is the optimal countermeasure, considering the significant security risk to the UK and your local residents.

Simon Cheng


Hongkongers in Britain (HKB)

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