Mission  PERM 

Hongkongers in Britain (HKB) is now offering an exciting opportunity for 26 posts for a UK-wide project to welcome Hongkongers in the UK, supporting them to settle and adapt to a new life in the communities. 


What is Hongkongers in Britain?

HKB is a civil-society organisation established in July 2020, and is a registered Company Limited by Guarantee in the UK currently applying for charitable status. It is the first Hongkongers expat/diaspora and community-building group set up in the UK since the UK announced the introduction of a Welcome Programme for Hongkongers.  HKB’s primary objectives are to provide assistance, advice and support for the Hongkongers community coming to/arrived in the UK; enabling them to settle, integrate, and contribute towards the UK society. HKB currently has a network of volunteers, over 20,000 followers on Facebook, dedicated Telegram Channel and Twitter page, as well as a well-established network from a large number of partner organisations working to support Hongkongers arriving in the UK.


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Introduction and Objectives


Mission PERM is a project that is currently pending UK government funding results, which is scheduled to be announced by Jan 2022.  If successful, HKB will lead the project with seven other partner organisations as a consortium, and will deliver the project until mid-Jun 2022. 


Given the short duration of the project, our strategic focus is on the four key pillars of integration during the initial settlement of Hongkongers in the UK:

  • encouraging Participation in local community life,

  • facilitating Employment,

  • building community Relationships, and

  • safeguarding Mental health/wellbeing


Mission PERM aims to set the foundation of the new Hongkong-British diaspora’s permanent settlement in the UK.


The project Consortium Partners will include:

  1. Hackney Chinese Community Services (London)

  2. Groundwork (England)

  3. Trafford Hongkongers CIC (Greater Manchester)

  4. Tim Fan Limited (London)

  5. New Creation (Scotland)

  6. Northern Ireland Council for Racial Equality (Northern Ireland)

  7. Hong Kong Assistance and Resettlement Community (HKARC, National)