Hong Kong 
Ex-District Councillors

Revival and Community Outreach programme

In Nov 2019, Hong Kong's pro-democracy camp made a landslide victory in the local elections. Many pro-democracy figures served as Hong Kong District Councillors (HK DCs), until Hong Kong government's recent crackdown and arrests.


In partnership with Hongkongers in Britain (HKB), ex-District Councillors (ex-DCs) who have arrived in the UK are invited to buddy up with locals & new arrivals, and continue their roles to serve the diaspora community, assisting them to settle and integrate into UK.


Would you like to continue your role to serve the new community in the UK?

Join us as ex-DCs to reach out to the participants!

Would you like to support ex-DCs for their outreach programme?

Join us to be a volunteer for ex-DCs!

Would you like to become friend with ex-DCs in your new hometown?

Register to be a participant we can reach out to!

  • Ex-DCs, volunteers and interviewees will not know each other's identities until HKB outreach programme managers carry out the matching. Any personal information will not be shared without consent to any unauthorised persons.

  • This programme is open for pro-democracy ex-DCs and people regardless of their political affiliations and perspectives.

  • ​This programme is not led by any organisation or individual, rather, it relies on the contributions of all the ex-DCs and volunteers who participate in the programme.

email: hkb-outreach@protonmail.com

The Workflow


HK ex-District Councillors' Outreach Programme
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"I was once being elected to serve Hong Kong locals, and now I can continue to serve diaspora."

Tom (alias)

Hong Kong ex-District Councillor, elected in 2019.