Online Press Conference


Briefing on the Housing Situation of Hong Kong BN(O)s arriving in the UK


因應 BNO 港人來英的房屋配套及概況簡報


Online Press Conference: Briefing on the Housing Situation of Hong Kong BN(O)s arriving in the UK

Date: Monday, 26 April 2021

Time: 09:30 am (UK time)/ 4:30 pm (HK time)

Venue: Google Meet Online


This online press conference will present a joint briefing by Hongkongers in Britain (HKB), Hackney Chinese Community Services (HCCS) and Hong Kong Assistance and Resettlement Community (HKARC). It will also unveil the findings of a public consultation led by HKB, conducted in late March, on the housing needs and the situation of Hong Kong BN(O)s arriving in the UK. This briefing is the first piece of civil society publication in response to the new national welcome scheme for Hongkongers announced by the British Government in early April. It also highlights the joint collaborative effort between the three civil society groups, that have been invited to be part of the “Welcoming Committee for Hongkongers”.

The briefing highlights that finding accommodation is the top area of concern/difficulty for Hong Kong BN(O) new arrivals in the UK, and lists some of the most popular accommodations so far for them. It also outlines the deciding/driving factors for new arrivals searching for accommodation, and reflects the immediate issues around finding accommodation, along with recommendations for the government. The briefing provides direct information and insights, collected from the Hong Kong public, and aims to support, enhance and guide the work programme of the committee and the British Government. 

* The briefing and presentation will be available for online download that date.


網上記者招待會:因應 BNO 港人來英的房屋配套及概況簡報

時間: 2021年4月26日 (星期一) 

時間 : 09:30 am (英國時間)/ 4:30 pm (香港時間)

會議形式: Google Meet Online


英國港僑協會、克尼華人社會服務中心、Hong Kong ARC 聯合舉辦, 因應英國 房屋、社區及地方政府事務部向「歡迎港人委員會」 邀請提交意見, 作為該委員會的組成部份,英國港僑協會、克尼華人社會服務中心、 HKARC 三家公民團體聯合促成本次公眾諮詢及結果簡報, 並舉辦是次網上記者會。


本次記者會將簡介 BNO 來英所帶來的影響,包括他們在房屋方面最關心及經常遇到的問題, 以致他們選擇住房的重要考慮因素, 以及歸納出配套建議予英國政府參考。 是次簡報主要為質化研究,意見來源蒐 集於三月底的社交媒體、公眾諮詢來函及官方網站,並匯整供政府及媒體作政策參考。


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