Projects and Recruitment

Hongkongers in Britain (HKB) is currently developing several projects to serve Hongkongers comprehensively. We aim to increase our capacities and be more resourceful, in order to scale up our services, and to address the increasing demand in support, through matching funds between public and private philanthropic trusts. This is so that we can have a bigger reach, to continue our resettlement assistance of Hongkongers in the UK, and to continue our pro-democracy and human rights causes.

At present, we have two projects and recruitment:

  1. Mission PERM for BN(O)s
    (pending funding by UK Gov)

  2. Project HAVEN for non-BN(O)s
    (funded by Trust for London)

1. Recruitment: Mission PERM

Hongkongers in Britain (HKB) aims to launch a 5-month project, Mission PERM, for the new Hongkong-British diaspora’s permanent settlement in the UK.


The mission mainly serves BN(O) Hongkongers and their dependents according to the funding policy.

We are offering an opportunity for eight types of posts.

The mission aims for

  • encouraging Participation in local community life,

  • facilitating Employment,

  • building community Relationships, and

  • safeguarding Mental health/wellbeing

* This project is currently pending UK Gov. funding results.


2. Recruitment: Project HAVEN

Hongkongers in Britain (HKB) aims to launch a 2-year project for the new Hongkong-British diaspora’s settlement in the UK.

This project will primarily, but not exclusively, serve all Hongkongers who are not protected by BN(O) visa route.

We are hiring one part-time 'casework, signposting and wellbeing support' officer.

The project aims

  • to allow Hongkongers to understand asylum policy/rights when/before they arrive in the UK from improper treatment of detention and deportation;

  • to identify un(der)represented Hongkongers who need to reach out for help from the society as part of integration;

  • to facilitate/promote racial harmony and socio-cultural connections between Hongkongers and British society;

  • to advance charitable objectives beneficial to the communities in the UK, by providing a platform/forum enabling Hongkongers to do so.

* This project is currently funded by Trust for London.


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