Open Letters


Response to the verbal harassment by an ex-Hong Kong police officer



Hongkongers in Britain (HKB) sent a letter to mayor of Tower Hamlets and its Council for raising grave security concerns on new site of the Chinese Embassy over there.



HKB has received reports of difficulties from some Hong Kong families in the UK. Some of these are grassroot families who work day and night to support their loved ones, yet their income is insufficient to afford paying the BN(O) visa and associated fees in one go. We sent a letter to the Home Office, suggesting them to exercise discretion to relax regulations after review on a case-by-case basis, such as introducing an instalment system to relieve the pressure of some families.



HKB received a notice from the pro-democracy activist Mr. Honcques Laus that Bank of China (Hong Kong) had sent a letter to inform him that it terminated his account since Dec 24. The letter did not provide reasons. The bank required Mr. Laus to return to Hong Kong for ‘the closure of account(s) and withdrawal the account balance (if any)’.



Response to UK government’s package of support for Hongkongers.


“We welcome the UK government’s decision today to set up a support package for BN(O) citizens and their families.



The statement of the HKB founder Simon Cheng, such an adjudication of British Office of Communications (Ofcom) helps to resist the CCP’s external propaganda against Hongkongers in the UK (including British nationals (overseas) citizens and families) and protect personal safety and reputation of Hongkongers.



Londoners Welcome Hongkongers

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On 2 Dec, HKB has sent a letter to the Home Secretary to ask for further clarification and actions to avail the information to British employers, such as specifying the rights coming with the LOTR stamp or issuing an official letter to relieve the doubts of the employers and the general public. Home Office addresses this concern today and announces on the website.