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Regional Employment Support Services

This page shows information about regional employment support services across the UK.

Last Updated: 8-5-2022

North West England

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If you wish to receive job vacancies information from Manchester City Council, please click here to sign up.

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These are challenging times for people whose employment has been impacted by the pandemic, which is why Growth Company has a range of services available to help you get back into work. For details, please click here.

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If you wish to look for a paid role or a voluntary position from Councils of Greater Manchester, please click here.

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Growth Company supports those individuals who have lost their job, want to upskill, or who are simply looking for advice on changing careers. For details, please click here.


West Midlands

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If you are living in Solihull or nearby, and you would like to:

  • Work for Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council;

  • Get help finding work with Solihull for Success; or

  • Start a career in teaching;

​You may visit this website for more information.


Yorkshire and the Humber

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City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council provides information about living, working and volunteering in Bradford, as well as job opportunities from the Council on their website.

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You can find support regarding employment and skills in the areas of Leeds on this website.

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aalfy is providing employment support to those struggling to find employment opportunities. They know this is a very difficult time and they can provide friendly, supportive and professional advice whether it's your first job or a change in career.

For details, please visit their website.