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We are now recruiting Hongkongers in the UK to become local community volunteers, to serve the interests of Hongkongers and engage with local communities.

If you would like to to leave a contact, please let us know about your Telegram/ Signal account or email, your responsible city/ town, and the row of database excel to

As Hong Kong’s democratic movement gained international attention and momentum, now is the time to localise and integrate Hongkongers into UK society and local communities, to continue the spirit of democracy in recognition to all those who have sacrificed in the movement.


For Hongkongers who recently arrived in the UK, many have been encountering a variety of issues, from settling to integrating. Would you be interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the topics amongst communities that Hongkongers live in? For example, what development plans or issues are there currently in your community/city? How significantly would these affect Hongkongers?


HKB is now recruiting local community volunteers, to assist with the collection of basic information in their cities, current issues and trending discussions, policies concerning Hongkongers, attitudes towards worries and needs of Hongkongers etc. You can play a role in helping us build a database through Cloud (Excel), where you are invited to continuously update and strengthen our information hub.

This database will form a crucial basis for Hong Kong communities in the UK to reflect opinion towards local governments and councils, and become an information point for reference, to allow a better understanding of the agenda/ priorities/ manifestos of mayoral candidates. This would facilitate Hongkongers fulfilling their civic duties to participate in civil society and civic life – by engaging in community affairs and to vote in the upcoming elections. This is the most effective, most democratic, and most fundamental way to extend and advance Hong Kong’s democratic movement, by bringing change to local governments’ policy- and decision-making, and to defend the interests of Hongkongers in the UK. 

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