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Mental Health Survey

This report discusses the mental health situation for recent Hong Kong arrivals living in Britain, as well as participation levels in the NHS, interventions, and treatment preferences in this population.
Last Updated: 14-05-2022

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House of Commons
Home Affairs Committee

Evidence session on British Nationals (Overseas) visa arrangements for Hong Kong.

Hongkongers in Britain (HKB) presented as part of the witnesses along with other civic groups.

Last Updated: 07-07-2021

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Hongkongers to 
Settle in London

Hongkongers in Britain (HKB) was invited by the Greater London Authority (GLA) to draw up recommendations for services that should be made available to incoming immigrants. 

Last Updated: 22-07-2021

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NHS Recruitment Survey

Following HKB Survey Report on Work and Employment for Recently Arrived Hongkongers in the UK, HKB presents the results of an online survey designed for the NHS.
Last Updated: 10-11-2021

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Where will Hongkongers stay in Britain?

Survey Report on Hong Kong BN(O) Arrivalsʼ Preferred Destinations.

Last Updated: 30-06-2021

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Coming for Hope

Policy Study on Hong Kong British National (Overseas) Holders Intending to come to the UK.

Last Updated: 13-12-2020

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Hong Kong BN(O)s Work and
Employment Survey Report

This is a report of an in-depth online survey of recently arrived Hongkongers in the UK on their skills and experience, current employment status, intention for employment and/or maintaining labour market mobility, sources of information about the UK labour market.
Last Updated: 11-10-2021

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Briefing on Housing Situation for Hong Kong BN(O)s arriving in the UK

The briefing provides direct information and insights, collected from the Hong Kong public, and aims to support, enhance and guide the work programme of the committee and the British Government.

Last Updated: ​26-04-2021

Quarterly Magazines

Hongkongers in Britain (HKB) is working with The Epoch Times to produce quarterly magazines about the culture, community and livelihood of Hongkongers in the UK. It is published online, printed and circulated globally, including in the UK and Hong Kong.

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One Year On

2020 - 2021
Focus on Hongkongers

7 Jul 2021 marks one year since we have started a journey from Hong Kong to the UK, after dramatic changes in our hometown. From organising street protests, chanting slogans, to engaging in evidence sessions in parliament, publishing papers - we are walking the talk, involving ourselves fully and being part of the very the heart of the UK community.

We shall never forget democracy and freedom is common sense in society.

Here is a lookback and review on what we have achieved together in the past year.


General Stance

Hongkongers in Britain


Response to UK government’s package of support for Hongkongers


“We welcome the UK government’s decision today to set up a support package for BN(O) citizens and their families.


In the past few months, we have been receiving many enquiries every day from Hongkongers coming to the UK, responding to their issues and questions on visa application, housing, employment, education and mental health support.  As a civil society organisation providing community services to Hongkongers, we are pleased to see the government is ready to step in and support us."

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About Us


“Hong Kong does not only mean a place but people who love the values of democracy and freedom. We share the universal values but maintain as purely a expat group, our mission is to include HongKongers as a specific culture amongst others into this diversified but united British society. I hope the establishment of this club can start a new era, not an end, of Hong Kong.”

- Simon Cheng
Founder of Hongkongers in Britain



Freedoms are being eroded in Hong Kong. Millions are under threat since the Hong Kong pro-democracy protest in 2019. Thousands have been prosecuted. More and more flee overseas to seek sanctuary. With the implementation of the National Security Law, these numbers will rise in the foreseeable future.


Freedom is in Peril. Now is the time for the international community to stand up and help.


With the announcement of the UK extending the rights to BNO holders and their families to live, stay, work and study in the UK, the International Lifeboat Campaign is also strengthening. There is still hope in the darkest hour.

Who Are We?

Our team is formed by committed and experienced people seeking to strengthen the Hong Kong tie within the UK and abroad. We will host events such as seminars, gatherings, social activities, and encourage Hongkongers to volunteer and contribute to the society. We will use our resources to help Hongkongers to settle and integrate into the British society.



What Do We Do?

  • A medium between Hongkongers and local communities.

  • A forum to allow people to create connections.

  • A platform to inspire activities culturally & economically

  • A British community for Hongkongers.

This cause and goal will require your support to make it sustainable. Without Hongkongers, there won’t be a Hong Kong community.


Keep in Touch

Meet Us In Person

Our office is now open!

Opening Hours:
10:00 am - 05:00 pm (Mon - Fri)
Occasionally on weekends
(please call in advance to check)

All visits to the office must be made via appointments in advance:
+44 (0) 7738 868 455 - John Leung

Living Space, 1 Coral Street, Waterloo, London SE1 7BE

We aim to build a community for people who will be able not only to meet virtually but also physically, so we have set up a site for this community.

This site is meant as premises for Hongkongers to receive services of general enquires of resettlement, mental wellbeing support, information, signposting, referrals, and engaging in social events with UK locals for better integration in the community. 

We encourage HongKongers to contribute to the UK economy and society, and organise events with UK locals such as social networking, vocational training, seminar, business matching, cultural exchange, advocacy etc. in the UK.

Supporting Partners

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