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Sensations English 向本會提供三個月免費英語自學課程。


請查看服務供應商的網址及手機 app:

* 此為第三方服務,港僑會不從中收費。

English online self-study company 'Sensations English' would like to offer HKB audiences free access with 3 month free subscription.

The discount code that people can use is : HONGKONGER3

This offers them 100% discount on the 3 month subscription. They can apply directly on the site under the pricing / product section.

Check out the third-party service provider's website and app:

* HKB does not profit from this third-party service.


【英文班優惠活動】 (資訊更新)  每月五磅 一百小時 網上英文自學課程


及主動發送電郵 ( 以取得更多詳情。


(Updated Information) In case it is of interest, the organisation on this attached flyer is offering 100 hours per month of online ESOL for £5 per month per learner.

This would not be able to be reimbursed by the local authority but it is cheaper than most fee paying ESOL offers and by an official language school.

Please get in touch with: or and visit for more information.

Please note: HKB does not profit from this service, and HKB is not responsible for services provided by third parties.

This post is intended as information sharing, not advertisement.

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We are delighted to announce that all Hongkongers living in the UK can register for the class now.


An online English class is ready to be launched by a professional group for all Hongkongers in the UK.


Thanks to a Hong Kong professional organization for offering free English courses.

HKB was originally an independent organization that only provide referrals and recommendations.  In the case of limited resources, the first round of recruitment was only given priority to asylum seekers and refugees. As a cross-partisan ex-pat group, providing practical support to all Hongkongers in the UK is our value and stance. After the volunteers' continuous efforts, the second round of recruitment will be expanded to all Hongkongers in the UK.

HKB would like to thank all English teachers who are willing to spend their free time teaching without charge and all the kind-hearted people who provide assistance in this project.

If you want to register, Please take some time to complete the Cambridge English Assessment and fill out the result in the form below.

Cambridge English Assessment:

Deadline: 28 April 2021

Still Wanted: Join our English teaching team

We are highly appreciated if anyone is willing to join the volunteering English teaching team. Please leave your info below and we will be in touch with you. 

English Teacher Recruitment

Thank you for applying. We will contact you soon.