Initiative SAFE

Hongkongers in Britain (HKB) is launching Initiative SAFE – a two-year project to produce research studies in four priority areas of


  • Security,

  • Assistance to Vulnerable Groups,

  • Full Integration, and

  • Education


The purpose of Initiative SAFE is to foster change in UK’s public policy and services in a view to making the UK more inclusive of Hongkongers. These will be designed to help the UK Government, service providers, and other stakeholders become more informed of the issues and persuade them to make their policy and services more inclusive of immigrants from Hong Kong.

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Sep - Dec 2022

A study on education needs that captures the trends and needs for education for children and young people from Hong Kong.


Research Lead

Be responsible for the accuracy, objectiveness and quality of the study


Carry out research tasks assigned by the
Research Lead

Data Analyst

Carry out data-related tasks on the instructions of Research Lead



Jan - Apr 2023

A study on personal and community security that helps the UK Government understand the perceived and actual security threats to Hong Kong immigrants.

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Assistance to Vulnerable Groups

May - Aug 2023

A study on vulnerable groups that identifies vulnerable groups of Hong Kong immigrants and outlines their challenges and needs.


Full Integration

Sep - Dec 2023

A study on social integration that identifies indicators of successful and unsuccessful integration of HK immigrants into UK society in various aspects.

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Proposed Outcomes

HKB aims to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Increase understanding of the issues faced by Hong Kong immigrants;

  • Ensure UK government policies are more inclusive of Hong Kong immigrants;

  • Provide more inclusive services to Hong Kong immigrants;

  • Be able to communicate with Hong Kong immigrants more inclusively; and

  • Explain the issues faced by Hong Kong immigrants to other stakeholders and wider communities.

Overall, the outcomes seek to create longer-term changes and improve access to education; personal and community security; support and provision for vulnerable groups; and concerted efforts towards social integration.