What We Do

A Community of Hongkongers


Social Connections

Organise events to bring solidarity to Hongkongers in Britain. Provide opportunities for Hongkongers to gain connections and nurture a community spirit.


Business Development

Provide platform and business advice to Hongkongers in Britain. Liaison with existing trade associations and enhance Business connections between HK businesses in the UK .


Providing advice and consultancy on business plans and on setting up businesses.


Public Affairs

Conducting limited levels of advocacy, partaking in civil affairs regarding both Hong Kong and Britain. Organise community efforts in engaging with UK grassroots, communicate the spirit of Hong Kong within UK society.


Cultural Development

Production and subsidying of projects by Hong Kong artists. Establish and promote culture of Hong Kong and reinforce the community spirit of HongKongers through the medium of culture.

Life in the UK

Providing assistance for HongKongers to assimilate effectively into the British society, including immigration advice, career, education, and legal advice.

*Legal & Immigration advices can only be provided by licensed and authorised professionals.